Why Solar Master

  • Rejects
    heat & IR

  • Blocks cancer-
    causing UV rays

  • Reduce

  • Aide

  • Increase
    AC efficiency

  • Improve
    fuel efficiency

  • Signal

Types of Solar Films & Tinting Films

All products are made in USA

High Performance Window Films

Designed for maximum heat rejection efficiency whilst minimizing cost outlay for you, this range of solar control films comes in a variety of colors and shades.

Electron Beam Metallised Films

With a wide range of light transmission from 60% to 5%, one is bound to be able to find one of these products to be suitable for his or her use.

Sputter Films

Solar Master’s Sputter films are manufactured using various metal alloys and sputtering them onto a layer of high clarity polyester film. This forms a layer of highly durable sputter coating that is excellent in heat rejection and low in reflectivity.

Nano Ceramic Films

One of Solar Master’s latest addition, the Ceramic High IR film is made of proprietary formulation using inorganic components.

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