Electron Beam metallised films

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Electron Beam metallised films

All products are made in USA

Electron Beam metallised films from Solar Master Window Films are the state of the art solar control films that gives consumers the best of everything window films has to offer.

Combining excellent heat rejection capabilities, beautiful aesthetics, fast drying time and ease of installation, it is the dream window films for most installers and consumers alike.

With a wide range of light transmission from 60% to 5%, one is bound to be able to find one of these products to be suitable for his or her use.

Solar Master’s Electron Beam films are constructed using 2 ply of polyester but the darker shades of 5% and 10% are made using 3 ply of polyester. The double layers of metallised films give the maximum heat rejection possible while maintaining the natural aesthetics of your glass. Solar Master Electron Beam Films include product codes beginning with NIC.

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