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Nano Carbon Films

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For years, Window film manufacturers have searched for ways and means to go to the next level in window film design and technology. Finally, the search is over. DuraCarbon™ window films combine the durability of carbon, modify its heat rejection ability and incorporate it into the latest Fusion technology. The result is a film that is outstanding in its ability to block the heat from the Sun, extreme durability to withstand fading and discoloration and its exceptionally good-looking colour.

Car owners now do not have to worry about demetallization, fading or discoloration of their window films.

The window film industry has been through cycles of evolution and now, DuraCarbon™ is bringing automotive window films to the next level. Neither a dyed film nor a metal film, DuraCarbon™ is the next generation of super performance film that does not fade, discolour or lose its heat blocking performance.

DuraCarbon™ is constructed by the fusion of modified carbon into the polyester resin. This polyester resin is then “melted and pulled” into polyester window films. This advance technology is the first of its kind in the world.

DuraCarbon™ automotive window films are signal-friendly for GPS and satellite radio systems. DuraCarbon™ automotive window films have higher heat rejection performance than any other window film of it kind. The aesthetically appealing colours of DuraCarbon™ films will make your car the ency of everyone for years to come.

DuraCarbon™ automotive window film is truly bringing window film to the next level.



  • Exceptional Performance – superb heat rejection performance and UV protection
  • Extreme Durability – will never fade, discolour or lose its heat rejection ability
  • Signal Friendly – for GPS and satellite radio systems
  • Aesthetic Appeal – classy and appealing colour

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