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Solar Master’s Sputter films are manufactured using various metal alloys and sputtering them onto a layer of high clarity polyester film. This forms a layer of highly durable sputter coating that is excellent in heat rejection and low in reflectivity.

The neutral look of the film will eliminate the “garish” look of highly reflective films of the past. It provides excellent heat rejection combined with modern aesthetic looks.

Some of the metals that are commonly used are nickel, chrome, stainless steel and copper. These metals provide good heat rejection and are very stable by nature. This helps to eliminate the possibility of oxidation within the film so that you can enjoy many years of worry-free “coolness” with Solar Master Window Film. Solar Master Sputter Films include product codes beginning with NCL and NCB.

Another unique product of Solar Master’s sputter film is its multi-layer sputter films. This solar control film is manufactured using the same sputtering machines except that instead of a single pass to deposit a layer of metal onto the polyester, the film is made to go through multiple passes to deposit multiple layers of precious metals onto the polyester. In addition to the metal used such as nickel and chrome, pure silver is added into the mix. The layer of silver deposited onto the polyester increases the heat rejection capabilities of the film dramatically.

This not only makes Solar Master window film spectrally selective, it also makes the film more resistant to heat absorption. As a result, the heat build-up of the interior will be dramatically reduced. This makes this film perfect for both homes and cars whereby natural light is needed but not the heat! Solar Master Multi-Layer Sputter Films include product codes beginning with NSN.

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